Nettlestead Place

Ian + Emily Wedding Nettlestead Place

Ian & Emily were married on a very wet yet wonderful day in August at St Margarets Church in Barming. I will never forget the look Emily and I exchanged at the start of the ceremony when we heard an almighty crack of thunder overhead and the range of emotions she went through in the space of a few seconds; a look of panic then a shrug of the shoulders followed by her beaming smile. Ian on the other hand looked delighted throughout, completely unfazed. In his own words  he "bloody loves a good storm!" And that's these two all over - they take everything in their stride, hand in hand and with a huge grin on their faces! The reception was at the stunning Nettlested Place where the sun came out just in time for the drinks reception and we got the chance to take some portraits in the picturesque surroundings. Little did Ian and Emily know that the staff at Relish were hard at work desperately trying to repair the damage caused after lighting struck the Marquee during the earlier storm. They did a great job - everything was perfect!

The story of how these two met is one of my absolute favourites! Emily's dad was won over by Ian on a visit to the bank where Ian was working. He went back home and told his, then single, daughter all about this wonderful chap he had met that day. As any daughter could imagine, she rolled her eyes and ignored her dad's attempts at matchmaking. However, as fate would have it, they went on to meet at a later stage through a mutual friend, unaware of the original connection. A facebook message later and they were on a date. And here they are, still together despite an accidental text meant for Emily's friend that she sent directly to Ian during that first date saying "He is wearing PLIMSOLLS!"....(awkward!) It was obviously written in the stars that these two were meant to be!

These guys literally danced all night. It was an amazing atmosphere, only heightened by the crazy weather. It was a real pleasure being part of this couple's special day - thanks guys!

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