Becky + Gary Wedding Cooling Castle

We had the pleasure of meeting this lovely pair when we photographed Becky's sister Jenny's wedding the year before, so it was a real honour to be asked to photograph Becky & Gary's wedding a year later. These guys are all so welcoming we felt like part of the family and they hold a special place in our hearts. We laughed and smiled so much throughout the whole day that our cheeks hurt by the end of the night. Becky and Gary were married at the stunning Cooling Castle Barn, They had a few rain showers on the day so Gary made the call pretty early on to have the ceremony inside, which I think was the perfect choice as in the end with all the candles and the incredible orchestra, it felt very special and quite dramatic.

One of my favourite moments from the day was when Gary and Becky were signing the register and the orchestra were playing 'It Must Be Love' by Madness. Out of the blue, all of the guests started singing and swaying along. That's what I love - you're always guaranteed a good party with this bunch!

These two have such expressive faces and it's clear to see how much they adore each other.  From the little looks they exchange, to the constant laughing and taking the mickey out of each other, these two bounce off each other brilliantly.

I was so glad we found a break in the weather to head over the road to the beautiful cornfield. I'm sure you will all agree Becky looked stunning in her dress with her blue hydrangea bouquet and flowers in her hair. Gary didn't scrub up too bad either!

Such a wonderful day and a real joy to be part of it and hang out with this lovely pair again.

Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0002.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0003.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0004.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0005.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0006.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0007.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0008.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0009.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0010.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0011.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0012.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0013.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0014.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0015.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0016.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0017.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0018.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0019.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0020.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0021.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0022.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0023.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0024.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0025.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0026.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0027.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0028.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0029.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0030.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0031.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0032.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0033.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0034.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0035.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0036.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0037.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0038.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0039.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0040.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0041.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0042.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0043.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0044.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0045.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0046.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0047.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0048.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0049.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0050.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0051.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0052.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0053.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0054.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0055.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0056.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0057.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0058.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0059.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0060.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0061.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0062.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0063.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0064.jpg Becky&Gary_coolingcastle_0065.jpg